Breast Pumps, Nursing Pillows & Breast Accessories
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As one of the leading baby manufacturers in the UK, Tommee Tippee have carefully created the fantastic award winning Closer to Nature range of newborn baby bottles, sterilisers, breast pumps and feeding accessories.

Designed in conjunction with paediatric specialists and breastfeeding mothers, the  Closer To Nature range helps babies switch between breast and bottle for longer.

The Closer to Nature bottles have an innovative Easi-Vent teat that imitates the flex and stretch of the natural breast, making Closer to Nature bottles and feeding accessories one of the best and most intuitively designed ranges on the market and are all 100% BPA free!

With our huge variety of breastfeeding essentials from popular brands, you can provide your clientele with the most technologically advanced breast pumps that promise mothers a comfortable and natural pumping experience. Thanks to our knowledge of the industry and exceptional product portfolio, we have secured our position as a trusted breast pump and accessories supplier. Tommee Tippee's Closer to Nature range consists of manual and electric breast pumps, breast pads, nipple shields and breast milk storage containers. This range is designed to provide baby with the benefits of breast milk when mum can't be there. Our aim is to help our loyal retailers exceed customer expectations by offering them exceptional prices and the ability to purchase online and buy in wholesale.

Breast Pumps, Nursing Pillows & Breast Accessories

Closer to Nature products from trusted brand Tommee Tippee support breastfeeding mums and their  partners. Their aim is to provide useful and relevant products developed by experts to support and encourage parents to breastfeed for longer.


Furthermore, the dynamic technological advancement along with the favourable reimbursement scenario in developing countries will foster the market growth. With the growth of inventions, it turns out a difficult task for retailers to find reasonable prices that will allow them to respond promptly to the market demands. Baby Brands Direct has the stable relationships that ensure clients with competitive price points.

Since breast feeding has made an outstanding come back, the major market players concentrate on constant product innovation in order to introduce efficient breast devices and accessories. Discover the latest breast care products, washable pads, nipple shield, pump cushions, nipple protectors, advanced relief therapy solutions and creams. You can also introduce to your clientele exclusive breast feeding accessories like breast milk storage bags, collection bottles, storage containers, storage lids, milk storage bags and the revolutionary breast vests.