Sterilisers & Bottle Warmers
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As one of the leading baby manufacturers in the UK, Tommee Tippee have carefully created the fantastic award winning Closer to Nature range of newborn baby bottles, sterilisers, breast pumps and feeding accessories.

Designed in conjunction with paediatric specialists and breastfeeding mothers, the  Closer To Nature range helps babies switch between breast and bottle for longer.

The Closer to Nature bottles have an innovative Easi-Vent teat that imitates the flex and stretch of the natural breast, making Closer to Nature bottles and feeding accessories one of the best and most intuitively designed ranges on the market and are all 100% BPA free!

During baby's first year they are most vulnerable to diseases which is why sterilising feeding equipment is of utmost importance. Parents are always looking for the best premium quality products for their child. As a reliable baby sterilisers wholesaler we can help you provide them with the best sterilising equipment from excellent brands. Tommee Tippee's Closer to Nature's range comprises of fantastic microwave sterilisers, electric sterilisers at prices to suit different budgets. Their sterilisers are fast, easy to use and ensure that equipment stays sterile for 24 hours, as long as the lid is shut. We also have a range of bottle warmers by the trusted brand that heat milk quickly, because we know babies don't like to wait when it comes to feeding!

Sterilisers & Bottle Warmers

Closer to Nature products from trusted brand Tommee Tippee support breastfeeding mums and their  partners. Their aim is to provide useful and relevant products developed by experts to support and encourage parents to breastfeed for longer.


Looking back in time, warming breast milk was possibly one of the most challenging activities for mums. That is where sterilisers and bottle warmers come to play focal roles as the must-haves baby products that make parents’ lives easier. From compact sterilisers to sterilising the whole baby gear, you can showcase a broad choice for your clients.

With years of experience, Baby Brands Direct has seen growth in parents choosing premium items. No wonder we chose to sell them too. Grab your clients’ attention by presenting functional and fashionable goods. Shop at your convenience 24/7 and benefit by becoming an ambassador of safe and quality baby products.