Tommee Tippee Disposable Breast Pads 100Pk

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Product code : TT-ACC01

Our Closer to Nature Disposable Breast Pads are ultra soft and absorbent. They will keep you feeling comfortable and confident thanks to their breathability and discreet, non-slip design. Each disposable breast pad is specially shaped and contoured to give you a breast-like fit. Their discreet, non-slip design and soft lining means they stay put in your bra to protect you from little leaks. They're also twin wrapped, making them ideal to keep close to hand in your handbag or baby-changing bag.

  • Feel comfortable and confident - Breastfeeding your baby is always special, but little leaks can leave you feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable. Our ultra-absorbent disposable breast pads are designed to keep you dry and confident, supporting you on your baby feeding journey.
  • Fully compatible range - The Closer to Nature breastfeeding range is an interchangeable system of breast pumps, storage containers and feeding equipment. The bottles connect directly onto the breast pumps allowing you to express straight into the bottles making the process as simple as can be. All the pumps and bottles can be placed into the Closer to Nature sterilizers and bottle warmers offering parents everything they need to feed a newborn.

  • Ultra-absorbent breast pads to keep you dry
  • Contoured to fit so they stay put
  • Slim, discreet and non-slip
  • Silky soft lining for comfort and confidence
  • Breathable material
  • Value pack of 100