Tommee Tippee Teethe & Soothe Easy Reach Teethers

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Product code : TT-ACC03

Soothe the painful experience of baby’s first teeth with these teethers specially designed to reach different areas of little mouths. The narrow surface targets tender gums when your little one is cutting their first teeth, while the wider surface relieves pain from incisors. The textured teethers massage tender gums and you can apply soothing gel in their specially designed channels. Bite and chew proof, these teethers give your little one relief from the pain of first teething.

  • Soothe teething pain - Teething can be frustrating and painful for everyone, not just baby. These specially designed teethers provide targeted pain relief for baby’s tender gums as teeth are coming through. Their unique texture gives soothing comfort as your little one chews.
  • Targeted pain relief - These teethers tackle the pain of emerging incisors and other teeth thanks to different shapes designed to target the sorest areas of your baby’s mouth.
  • Add soothing gel for extra relief - Unlike other teethers where gels slide off, these have special grooved channels inside that soothing gel for a gentle slow release and longer lasting pain relief.
  • Bite and chew proof - Even baby teeth and gums can be tough little nibblers, but don’t fear, they won’t get through these teethers which are designed to be bite and puncture proof.

  • Easy reach teethers for baby’s tender gums and first teeth
  • Targeted pain relief in two different areas
  • Easy to apply soothing gel in specially designed channels
  • Textured surfaces massage tender gums
  • Bite and chew proof to relieve pain while teething