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Sleeping like a baby - it’s an odd expression considering babies are notoriously tricky to get to sleep, and even when you get them to sleep, they wake up in the middle of the night. It’s an age-old conundrum that sleep-deprived parents have been trying to solve for generations, and they are always happy when they find something that helps get their little ones to sleep.

Audio & light soothers can help to make bedtime a soothing and relaxing time for both baby and parents! Gentle melodies, soothing light patterns - even plush toys with heartbeats - can all be used to help babies feel relaxed and calm and help them into a restful sleep. Retailers who stock a selection of soothers will always be able to offer help to parents who are looking for something to make bedtime run more smoothly.

Baby Brands Direct’s selection of soothers come from brands such as Kaloo, Tommee Tippee, Summer Infant, Fisher Price, Rainbow Designs and Munchkin - all brands that parents will trust in the nursery.

Why do audio & light soothers sell so well?

What is one of the first questions people ask parents of a newborn? Once they find out whether it is a boy or a girl and its name, the next question they will ask is do they sleep well? As a new parent your baby’s sleep pattern can be something you think about and worry about constantly, Many parents are on the search for something to help their little one sleep, and audio and light soothers can help to take away some of that worry.

What different audio & light soothers are available?

Baby Brands Direct stocks a wide range of different kinds of soothers, so we should have something to appeal to most of your customers. Lullabies are a traditional way of soothing babies to sleep, and fans of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit will love the Peter Rabbit Musical on The Moon Soother, which plays a gentle lullaby when you pull gently on the star. The Fisher-Price Twinkle & Cuddle Cloud Soother, meanwhile, combines gentle music with white noise. White-noise can help to create a comforting womb-like environment that can be calming to babies, helping them to get to sleep and stay asleep for longer. It is especially useful if you have a noisy household, with older siblings making noise at bedtime, or there is traffic noise or sounds from neighbours. A good choice for retailers based in an area where there are a lot of apartments.

Light relief

Some babies and toddlers don’t like to be left in the dark. A simple night light may be all they need to soothe them and let them settle enough to get to sleep. The Kaloo Nightlight My Rabbit combines cute cuddly character with a simple nightlight in his tummy that will help to comfort babies and toddlers. For parents who like things a little more hi-tech the Tommee Tippee Light & Sound Sleep Aids are the answer. The cuddly owl, bear and panda have some particularly clever tech inside. At bedtime they have soft lights, soothing sounds and play gentle lullabies. Their CrySensor technology, however, keeps listening during the night, and if it senses baby waking, it will play soothing sounds or lullabies in a bid to settle the baby back to sleep.

The sound of sleep

Another interesting innovation is soothers that imitate the mother’s heartbeat. It's a technique that has been used with puppies when they leave their mother for years. New puppy owners wrap a ticking clock in a blanket and place it in the puppy’s bed to make them feel like they are next to their mother and litter-mates, Now human babies have their own version - in this instance a cute cuddly plush toy that has a soft heartbeat, that will remind baby of being in the womb and hearing their mother’s heartbeat. Fisher Price has come up with a cute otter, while Summer Infants’ soother comes in the shape of a soft - not prickly - hedgehog. Finally, the Munchkin Shhh... Portable Sound Machine combines the sounds of several of the soothers - with a shushing noise to calm an anxious baby, a heartbeat sound to lull them to sleep, and white noise to help keep them asleep.