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Although breastfeeding is highly recommended and is the most natural way for mothers to provide their baby with the very best nutrition, it does not always come naturally to some mothers. We have a range of products that will give your clients a little extra help including breast pads, nipple shields, breast shells, latch assists and lanolin cream. Breastfeeding can be painful which is why nipple protectors are a necessity; providing mothers with relief and creating a stronger latch, resulting in a comfortable feed for mother and baby. Using nipple shields and protectors will take the discomfort out of nursing, as will applying Lansinoh's award winning Lanolin cream. The cream is hypoallergenic and is developed to soothe sore, cracked nipples. As one of the largest wholesalers of breast accessories for retailers, we promise substantial discounts when you shop with us.

The following range includes industry leaders such as: Dr Brown’s, Philips Avent, Closer to Nature, NUK and Lansinoh. The world renowned brands are presented with their nipple shields, breast pump cushions, breast pads, nipples protectors, shields silicone, creams, latch assist and more.

With the breast pumps market exponentially growing, the breast care segment has grown in importance and sales too. The breast pumps market is expected to reach US$ 2.6 bn by 2020. As a result, breast care manufactures have been investing time and effort to produce the most suited and the most innovative designs that accompany a breastfeeding mum.

Baby Brands Direct is committed to provide an all-inclusive range to our customers. Retailers can now add up to their breast pumps stock, excellent accessories by reputable baby brands.