Car Window Sun Shades

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Everyone loves the sun, and everyone knows how dangerous it can be, but not all sun damage is caused at the beach on a hot summer’s day. There is one place in particular that is not the first place you think of when worrying about the dangers of the sun, in the car. But the car can be one of the main offenders. The sun’s rays stream through the car’s windows causing damage to baby’s skin. Fortunately, there is something that can help, car window sun shades.

Notable brands including: Fisher Price, Safety First, JJ Cole and Munchkin have provided Baby Brands Direct with attractively designed products in this area, sure to be a great hit with the kids too. For instance, Munchkin’s reflective shade features premium mesh that keeps the little one cool while blocking harmful UV rays. It is cleverly designed to include installation clips and suction cups that further enhance stability. Each shade provides the necessary protection, however each one has its own unique features that you will easily find on their individual product’s pages.

Baby Brands Direct is a leading wholesaler of premium car window sun shades. We supply the independent sector with the items that deliver against their main purposes and do even more. Our suppliers spent a significant time in R&D in order to provide sun protection without the hassle of assembling and keeping the shade in place. The innovative designs deliver successful sales and facilitate the loyal clientele every retailer strives for.

We are a company dedicated to assist our customers in every way possible, from selecting the bestsellers to providing free to use products descriptions and media to exceptional prices points and further volume discounts. Sounds like not only parents would not have to worry but you too!