Nappy Disposal Equipment

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Poo! That’s the last thing people want to smell in the home but, with newborns needing a nappy change up to 12 times a day, there can be an awful lot of it about.

That’s where nappy disposal equipment can be an absolute Godsend, enabling the safe and hygienic storage and disposal of 30-plus dirty disposable nappies while keeping those less than pleasant smells away. Also very useful are the odour neutralising sprays, which blitz those bad smells without masking fragrances, leaving just naturally-balanced fresh air.

Here at Baby Brands Direct we offer a wide choice of nappy disposal systems and refill cassettes that are designed to lock away odours and germs. The systems are easy to set up and empty, meaning that less time will be spent changing the baby and caregivers will no longer have to worry about getting rid of nappies as these nappy disposal systems provide them with a convenient, hygienic and cost-efficient solution that’s often more environmentally-friendly than placing each dirty nappy in an individual nappy sack

How does nappy disposal equipment work?

As a convenient and hygienic way of disposing of dirty disposable nappies, this particular item has become an essential for many caregivers. Hygiene is always important when looking after little ones and because lives are so busy nowadays, these types of products have been developed, saving all those trips out to the dustbin. The nappy disposal equipment saves time and creates a far more pleasant atmosphere for both parents and babies.

The immediate benefit of nappy disposal equipment is the multi-layer film that works as an effective odour barrier and antibacterial technology, quickly allowing smells to disappear. The dirty nappies are placed in the bin where they are wrapped in a multi-layer bag, locking away the smells. The refill cassettes last about a month, depending on usage, and generally use much less plastic, making them a more environmentally-friendly disposal system. The extra cassettes, which we supply here at Baby Brands Direct, make a great add-on product for retailers to sell.

What are the benefits of nappy disposal equipment?

Little bottoms can produce some big smells and plenty of them – newborns can need their nappies changed up to 12 times a day - that’s 84 a week - and a pile of smelly nappies to dispose of every morning. Disposable nappies go in the general household waste so, unless parents want the smell to linger, that’s a lot of trips out to the dustbin. With nappy sacks and a normal bin, the solid poop should be emptied down the loo before being put in the bag. With the nappy disposal equipment, the dirty nappy can be pushed in one-handed and the safe and simple systems take care of all the wrapping and odour neutralising, leaving the bin to be emptied, just like a normal bin liner, approximately once a week. And to deal with any lingering bad smells wherever baby needs changing, our odour-neutralising sprays from well-known companies such as Tommee Tippee are just the ticket – easy to keep handy, the small spritz bottle fits into any changing bag so parents can blitz nasty nappy odours in an instant.

What types of nappy disposal equipment are available?

There’s a number of different systems available, but all are based on the same principle of a simple-to-use bin that seals in all the nasty odours – and the added advantage is that it makes a fantastic bathroom bin when the nappy days are over. Here at Baby Brands Direct we offer various products from companies such as Tommee Tippee, Angelcare and Vital Baby, which offer simple one-handed operation ensuring baby is always safe. Designed to make for a happier, more fragrant home, these systems ensure those sweet baby smells are the only ones around.