Tommee Tipppe Moda Sippee Cup 7m+

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Product code : CTN-FED44

From about 7 months onwards your little one will be crawling and toddling, so they’ll need to start drinking more fluids. Our Sippee Cup with a new, easy clean valve and 10oz/300ml capacity is the perfect choice at this stage, designed to keep busy toddlers happy and hydrated all day!

Your little one will love this cup’s chunky design, easy­grip sides and soft non­spill spout - just like a grown­up’s water bottle. You’ll love that they are developing grown-up drinking skills.  As with all Tommee Tippee cups, you can add on handles from other cups in the range if your little one is happier that way, and you can remove the two-piece, non­spill valve to practice free-flow drinking whenever you want.

As with all Tommee Tippee products, we want you to love this bottle as much as your toddler will, so cleaning the cup is simple and worry free. The two-piece valve is easily removed and accessible for inspection and cleaning.  All parts can be separated and washed either in hot, soapy water, in the dishwasher (top shelf) or in a steam steriliser.  

  • Easy Clean 2piece Valve - Each Tommee Tippee Sippee Cup is designed with a removable, two-piece, spill proof valve. The valve keeps mess to a minimum, is easy to clean but yet still easy to drink from.
  • Develops grown­up drinking skills - Little and lightweight this is the perfect cup for novice drinkers, but it’s big enough to keep them happy and hydrated as they start to sit up, play and roll about.
  • Easy to drink - Easy drinking is guaranteed with all our sippee cups. The clever two­piece valve allows liquid to flow easily through the spout when your baby wants to drink, but keeps the cup fully leak­proof between sips.
  • Easy to assemble and clean - News Flash: Toddlers are messy! And everything they touch gets messy too. But don’t worry, this Sippee Cup comes in multiple parts that come apart easily and can be washed in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher (top shelf).
  • Gentle and safe - Your baby’s gums can be highly sensitive, especially when teething, so our super soft spout is incredibly smooth and gentle in her tiny mouth. Of course, all our cups are BPA free.  This Sippee Cup is suitable for steam sterilising.
  • Moda Collection - Designed to make your baby stand out from the crowd. The collection features fashion forward designs for those who think life is one long runway and that every opportunity should allow baby to dream big! 

  • Features the new, easy clean two-piece valve
  • Perfectly designed to keep your toddler happy and hydrated; helps develop grown-up drinking skills
  • Chunky yet lightweight with easy­grip sides, perfect for little hands
  • Interchangeable parts
  • Suitable from 7months+
  • BPA free