Tomy Poppin' Penguins

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Product code : TMY-TOY18

Kids can line up the coloured penguins on their Iceberg by matching them to their coloured launch pad. Then they can press the small fish to see the Poppin’ Penguins in action! The music starts and then its time to count the penguins as they jump. Guaranteed fun for all the family as little ones try to catch the jumping penguins!


  • Guaranteed laugh in the bath for all the family
  • Catch the jumping penguins
  • Music, numbers, colour matching and launching fun
  • Have a laugh in the bath with Poppin' Penguins
£2 off trade price with 1 of Tomy Poppin' Penguins TMY-TOY07, TMY-TOY10, TMY-TOY14, TMY-TOY17, TMY-TOY20, TMY-TOY21, TMY-TOY22 also included in this Offer!