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What a privilege and hard work it is to run a toy shop! With masses of energy, a passion for toys and understanding of what excites children being sure prerequisites, there’s also the operational demands to manage including supply chain, seasonal stock, cash flow planning, logistics and much more! Baby Brands Direct can certainly assist with the supply of toys when you need it as it is a long standing, leading B2B distributor of branded toys.

Specialising in wholesale services to independent retailers, the company exercises buying power that it passes onto retailers, alongside flexibility of no minimum order quantities or values, same day dispatch, loyalty credit, volume discounts and an easy to use website with full account autonomy and visibility of orders to accounting data and even resources centre for images and product data files. Offering an award-winning service, the company provides support and efficiencies to stores in the supply of a wide breadth of leading nursery and toy brands.

Shown on this page is a shortlist of suggested core brands and products that are particularly relevant to toy shops or children’s toy departments within larger stores. However, as a specialist distributor of baby, nursery and toy products, account holders that are toy shops can still access the full breadth of over 2,000 products available from our selection of award winning, global brand leaders. The toys range from the latest in technology driven functionality to the resurgence in demand of traditional, environmentally friendly wooden toys. Mix and match to create your own unique store offering to suit your clientele with ease from Baby Brands Direct.