Vital Baby NURTURE Bottle Cleanser

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Product code : VTB-ACC01

The very innovative plant based Vital Baby® NURTURE™ bottle cleanser will work hard to help keep your baby’s feeding bottles clean, clear and fresh. It works by using powerful plant extracts to completely and effectively remove sticky milk residues from bottles and feeding equipment, preventing cloudy build up and bad smells.

Totally free from nasty chemicals, fragrances, sulphates, enzymes and dyes, it only takes two squirts to keep feeding bottles and toddler cups sparkling clean and looking like new. It is also specially formulated to break down milk residues, proteins and fats, and has been tested to be more effective that even the leading dish washing liquid. The bottle cleanser has very powerful anti-odour agents to ensures that feeding bottles do not smell of stale milk; as it does not have any added nasties or fragrances it will not cause any irritation to your baby. Bottles will be left sparkling clean and smelling fresh!

Each 200ml bottle may be small, but they have the power to clean up to feeding 400 bottles! Just 2 squirts of vital baby® NURTURE™ bottle cleanser into your baby’s bottle, add about 10ml of warm water, and then use a bottle brush to mix the solution and clean all the corners and edges. Then simply rinse out the bottle and it is ready to be sterilised. Simple, easy and effective.

Not only can vital baby® NURTURE™ bottle cleanser be used to clean feeding bottles, teats, toddler cups, utensils, and breast pump components, it can even be used for other household items such as protein shakers!

  • Powerful plant-based cleaning ingredients
  • Attaches to milk residues and quickly breaks them down
  • Free from nasty chemicals
  • Spray to clean the nooks and crannies, especially teats
  • Works with both formula and breast milk residues
  • Keeps bottles clearer and fresher for longer
  • Capacity:  200ml
  • Suitable from Birth