VTech Myla The Magical Make-Up Unicorn

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Product code : VTC-TOY56

Hi, I'm Myla, the Magical Make-Up Unicorn! Let's have some fun!

Thanks to my magic make-up brush, you can be my super stylist! Select any colour from my make-up palette and apply it magically to my horn, eyes and wings and watch in amazement as they magically light up in that colour! 

Do you like singing? I do too! With my magic microphone,  we'll  sing songs together  and  have  so much fun!

Make me beautiful and add my tiara to my horn or add the clips to my hair! Want to know what your lucky colour is? Touch my back and I can tell you. We’ll have so much fun together!

  • Magical Make-Up Unicorn with magic make-up brush and palette
  • Sing-along with Myla using the magic microphone
  • Myla's head and eyes move when she sings and talks
  • Touch sensors on her back enables her to tell you your lucky colour and a prediction for the day
  • Myla includes 5 accessories to make her beautiful
  • 5 sensors on Myla's horn, eyes and wings light up when you touch them with the make-up brush and display an array of colour
  • Includes 6 interactive games to introduce colours, music and creativity
  • Includes 5 sing along songs and 10 melodies
  • Suitable from 5 years+