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Find the fun all in one with our activity centres, playsets and tables. Best for older babies and toddlers, these toys will keep curious little ones busy while encouraging the development of important skills.

From around the age of six to 12 months, babies start to becoming incredibly curious and want to explore the world around them. Activity centres, playsets & tables help them to discover new sounds, sights, and textures in a safe way, offering parents a bit of time to get on with household chores or make a quick phone call.

In this category, Baby Brands Direct stocks brands that all offer something a bit different, but which all represent quality and value for money. Fisher-Price is a tried-and-trusted brand with almost 90 years of history, Infantino offers smart design, Janod brings French style to wooden toys and Vtech adds bright sounds and tech to baby’s toys.

Why do Activity centres, Playsets & Tables sell so well?

These toys make perfect ‘big’ presents from family friends and relatives, and because they offer play value for babies from around four months to more than a year, they represent good value for your customers. It’s the sort of toy that might be kept at a grandparent’s house, especially if space is tight in the child’s home. This kind of fun, all-in-one toy will guarantee that small grandchildren always have something to occupy them when they are visiting.

Once babies are between around four and six months old, they will probably need more stimulation than they get from a play gym or play mat, so retailers can be ready for the next purchase, encouraging customers to come back as their baby grows. This is a good time to upgrade the baby from a playmat or play gym, so activity centres make a good ‘next-sell’ for your customers. Exploring movement, texture, sounds, and sights offers plenty of stimulation for the developing brain, while pressing, turning, pushing, holding and shaking all help to develop fine motor skills. The pincer grasp is what they will need to hold a pencil once they get to school, so anything that helps to encourage that and to develop the correct muscles will be a benefit once they are pre-schoolers. Activity centres are designed with the help of experts in child development, to ensure that they offer entertainment and plenty of enrichment for babies and toddlers.

Centres that offer children the chance to sit on or in them, combine gross motor skill development as they bounce and spin, while the baby enjoys the fun characters and bright colours. Little ones will love to climb up on toys such as the Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Unicorn is an appealing and on-trend character. Children love to sit on toys – it encourages independence as they learn to climb on and off on their own and is excellent for encouraging balance skills and gross motor skills. They must hold on tight as they bounce up and down or even spin around – this kind of toy will grow with them as they develop more skill. Activity tables, such as the Janod Baby Forest Activity Table, encourage little ones to become stronger and stable as they stand. They will develop fine motor skills as they handle the chunky wooden pieces – perfect for little hands. They will learn concentration and dexterity as they guide the bird or colourful beads along the looping routes and sorting skills are covered with the wooden cubes which must go into the hanging bag.

If your customers are looking for an activity toy that will really grow with a child, Vtech’s The Touch and Learn Activity Desk is four toys in one - a writing pad, desk, blackboard and art station! The touch pages introduce valuable skills for school including phonics, body parts and more, while little ones can call home with the phone or play songs on the music player. This kind of multi-use toy is ideal where space is at a premium. Sales are also supported with T.V. Advertising.